Kimberly Guilfoyle Reportedly Exited Fox News After Accusations Of Sharing 'Inappropriate' Photos


Kimberly Guilfoyle has been accused of being ‘sexually inappropriate’ while at Fox News. Donald Jr.’s GF allegedly shared explicit photos, and ‘emotionally abused’ her staff.

When Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, left Fox News last week to work at a pro-Donald Trump super PAC, it seemed like she was just following her new BF, Donald Trump Jr., 40, into the “family business.” However, it’s possible that she didn’t leave her job of 12 years completely willingly, as HuffPost claims she was pushed out following a network investigation over possible inappropriate behavior. Kimberly, according to multiple HuffPost sources, would frequently show personal photographs of male genitalia to colleagues (while identifying whose genitals they were). She also allegedly publicly discussed sexual matters at work, and engaged in emotionally abusive behavior towards hair and makeup artists and support staff.

Kim also shared an assistant with Eric Bolling while at Fox News. Kim reportedly subjected this young female assistant to “emotionally abusive behavior and attempts to involve her in personal sexual matters” by sharing details about her sex life. Ultimately, Fox News conducted a human resource investigation that started last year, and sources say Kimberly was warned about her behavior several times leading up to her leaving the network.

“The sensational claims that the Huffington Post and Mr. [Yashar] Ali published today about Ms. Guilfoyle are demonstrably and knowingly false and were published maliciously,” Kimberly’s lawyers said in a letter to 

“Any accusations of Kimberly engaging in inappropriate work-place conduct are unequivocally baseless and have been viciously made by disgruntled and self-interested employees,” Kimberly’s attorney, John Singer, said to HuffPost in response to an email of 19 detailed questions concerning this report (which Mr. Ali conducted with 21 sources inside and outside Fox News and 21st Century Fox.) “During her lengthy and decorated tenure with the company, Kimberly was beloved, well-respected, and supportive of anyone she ever met. It’s utterly preposterous that there are those who are nefariously and greedily twisting innocent conversations amongst close friends into much more than what it actually was for financial gain. Kimberly has happily moved onto the next chapter of her life and hopes others will do the same.”

In addition to these allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior, Kimberly reportedly clashed with her fellow Fox News stars. The protégé of Roger Ailes supposedly became increasingly isolated over the past year. When three of her co-hosts from The Five were given their own shows, she openly complained about feeling slighted and criticized other women on the network – including Judge Jeanine Pirro, 67. Kimberly, sources told HuffPost, told colleagues that Jeanine was “too old” and thought she shouldn’t be on television.

Kimberly’s loyalty to Roger Ailes would also cause a rift between her and the women at the network, according to the report. When former host Gretchen Carlson sued Roger for sexual harassment and retaliation, Kimberly called female on-air talent at Fox News and asked them to make supportive statements about the Fox News head. Kimberly, according to HuffPost, framed it as “Team Roger or Team Gretchen” argument. Kimberly was also reportedly “particularly vitriolic” in conversations about then-Fox New host Megyn Kelly, who didn’t speak out in support of Roger. She allegedly told one person that Megyn was “widely disliked” across the network for not getting on “Team Roger.”

After Fox News reportedly finished their HR investigation, they told Kimberly that her time was up. 21 Century Fox, according to sources, prefers that “problematic” employees retire or resign rather than get terminated, since that helps the network avoid scandal and shame. Kimberly was not formally terminated, and two sources told HuffPost that she was given time to find a new job before she had to go. She was reportedly told she had to leave by July, but she attempted to delay her exit by appealing to Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox News’s parent company. Ultimately, she left and took a position with the pro-Trump America First PAC. has reached out to Fox News for comment on this story. We will update it with any information.

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