Here's Who Cleared Destiny 2's Brutal 'Last Wish' Raid First After 19 Hours


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I went to bed, I woke up and still no one had cleared Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid, introduced 10 days after the launch of Forsaken which was proving to be the most brutally difficult Bungie has ever designed.

But an hour later, someone has beaten it, as officially announced by Bungie. That would be Clan Redeem, with members Modern, Sweatcicle, Ehroar, Indica, FleshCrunch and Gladd. I don’t know the exact time, but it’s looking at it came in at just under 19 hours, as the raid went live at 1 PM ET yesterday (Update: 18 hours and 48 minutes, phew).

I’m not familiar with these players offhand, as more recognizable community names like Gothalion, Datto and Gigz were all competing for world’s first, streaming for so many viewers even Fortnite was temporarily unseated on Twitch, but Clan Redeem also boasts world’s first clears of Wrath of the Machine, Prestige Leviathan and Spire of Stars, so they’re no stranger to this kind of success. Though clearly is this their most significant achievement yet.

19 hours is indeed a record length for the first clear of a Destiny raid. Previously, the original Vault of Glass held that honor at 14 hours, but keep in mind that was A) when the game was brand new and no one had ever even seen a Destiny raid or any mechanics before and B) people were trying to clear it wearing blue gear.


But Last Wish has proven that Bungie has no qualms about beefing up the difficulty to an unbelievably intense degree. It seems likely there will only be a handful of clears before this Tuesday’s weekly reset, and frankly, from what I saw watching streams yesterday, I’m amazed anyone cleared it at all.

The biggest roadblock has been the Riven final boss fight itself, a labyrinth of mechanics where you chip away at a massive health bar and one wrong move has the potential to wipe your team. When I went to bed last night, no one had gotten Riven under 90% health, but I woke up to news that first, the leading team had gotten her down to a sliver but couldn’t DPS their way through her final phase, and then later, that a team had cleared Riven, only to find…another encounter after that.

I can’t even begin to think about writing a raid strategy guide at this point because this is so difficult and labyrinthian that it’s hard to know where to even start. Has Bungie gone too far?

Eh, no.

One key component of the length of completion time here is not just the mechanics, but flat out the power scaling. The last encounter is 580 power when almost no players are cracking 560 when they get there, and power differentials mean a lot more in Destiny 2 now than they used to.  After this week’s reset where players will have access to three full characters worth of new powerful drops, everyone will be hitting all these encounters at a much higher level. It will still be difficult, but a bit less so, given that it will be harder to be one shot and easier to take down ads and bosses more quickly.

18 hours and 48 minutes. What an incredible Last Wish World First raid race by all fireteams.

Congratulations again to @Clan_Redeem.


— Bungie (@Bungie) September 15, 2018

One final thing to note about this clear is that…something is probably going to happen in the game as a result. Slaying Riven, the last Ahamkara, has triggered a screen in the game about the clear, warning that it was “exactly what Riven wanted.”

Bungie has promised that the Dreaming City will change over time, and it seems likely that the raid being cleared is probably going to be a catalyst for some sort of alteration there, though whether that happens today or at reset, I’m not sure. Previously, the Leviathan raid unlocked a new Crucible map, and there are rumblings that we might see a new Dreaming City strike after this clear, but we’ll have to see.

Congrats to Team Redeem, I hope you sleep for the rest of the week, you’ve earned it.

Update: There’s a new cutscene when you return to the Dreaming City for the first time now… Not sure of any other changes yet.

Update 2: Yup, there’s new strike now. Going to play asap.

Update 3: Petra has a new mission to complete! Ah so much happening

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