Election Day 2018: Tracking Results For The House, Senate And Governor's Mansions


Voters Across The Country Head To The Polls For The Midterm Elections

Voters Across The Country Head To The Polls For The Midterm ElectionsGetty Images

Two years into the first billionaire President’s term, voters will have their chance to give their evaluation of the direction the country is heading in on Election Day today. Though he’s not on the ballot, a number of votes have been turned into a referendum on President Trump and whether the Democratic Party should put a check on him by taking one or both houses of Congress.

Additionally, on the state level there are a number of tight races for governor. With states increasingly setting the tone on issues like marijuana and climate change, control of state governments is also becoming a big focus – and attracting big money from billionaire donors, too.

The Big Numbers Right Now:

  • Republicans so far have 47 Senate seats and the Democrats have 38 with 13 seats yet to be called.
  • Republicans have so far lost seven House seats, with 107 seats called for the GOP and 89 for Democrats.
  • Republicans have won 9 governorships and the Democrats have won 5, with 22 races yet to be called.

Keep scrolling for more detailed updates.

Race for the House of Representatives

Republicans currently hold 235 seats in the House of Representatives. The Democrats have 193 and 7 are currently vacant. Polls have consistently given the Democrats a lead in the generic ballot this election cycle, and during midterms it’s common for the opposition party to the White House to gain seats. The question for Republicans is whether they can hold those gains to less than 25 seats, which is all Democrats need to take control of the House.

Live Results

10:13pm – Democrat Sharice Davids has defeated incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder in the Kansas 3rd District. Davids is the first Native American woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.

9:44pm – The House now stands at 83 Republicans and 78 Democrats.

8:50pm – The House results now stand at 42 Republicans and 37 Democrats. So far, Democrats have only gained two seats.

8:31pm – In a key race, Democrat Jennifer Wexton won in Virginia’s 10th District, flipping the district from Republican to Democrat. The count now stands at 31 Republicans and 28 Democrats.

8:10pm – The race for the House now stands at 22 Democrats and 18 Republicans.

7:56pm – With more results coming in, the count stands at 13 Republican seats and 10 for the Democrats.

7:39pm – More results are coming in from Florida and North Carolina. Republicans now have 10 confirmed House seats. Democrats have 8.

7:29pm – More results trickling in from Florida and Kentucky. Republicans now have 9 confirmed House seats and Democrats 4.

7:21pm – Three more races have been called in Florida. Two for Republicans and one for Democrats.

7:15pm – Three more seats have been called for Republicans in Florida, Georgia and Kentucky.

7:03pm ET – Polls are closing in more states now. Democrats have so far picked up two seats and Republicans two. Expect more House results to begin flooding in soon.

6:42pm ET – The first election called is for Republican Hal Rogers, whose won re-election in Kentucky’s 5th congressional district.

6:17pm ET – The first votes are coming in from some districts in Kentucky and Indiana, but no races have been called yet.

Race for the Senate

The Republican Party currently has a slim majority in the Senate of 51 Senators. But the structure of this election puts the odds massively in the GOP’s favor. Of the 35 seats up for grabs, only 9 are currently held by Republicans, which puts the Democrats on defense in 26 races – 10 of which take place in states where Trump won in 2016 – and still requires them to pick up 2 more seats. 

That said, polls do give Democrats hope for a couple of pickups, some polls show a couple of Republican victories, and still others are pure nailbiters. There’s a chance that we may not know which party controls the Senate until later in the week.

Live Results

10:11pm – Republican Marsha Blackburn has been elected to the Senate in Tennessee.

10:07pm – Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been elected to the Senate in Utah.

9:54pm – Democrat Tammy Baldwin has been re-elected in Wisconsin. Democrat Martin Heinrich has been re-elected in New Mexico.

9:49pm – Democrats Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota have been re-elected to the Senate.

9:32pm – Republican Mike Braun has defeated incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

9:15pm – Democrat Bob Casey was re-elected in Pennsylvania, Republican Roger was re-elected in Mississippi. Republican John Barrasso was re-elected in Wyoming. Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand was re-elected in New York.

8:58pm – Democrat Bob Menendez has been re-elected in New Jersey.

8:17pm – Democrat Sherrod Brown has won re-election in Ohio.

8:05pm – Democrats Tom Carper in Delaware, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, Ben Cardin from Maryland, Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island, and Chris Murphy from Connecticut all won re-election.

7:55pm – Democratic Senator Tim Kaine has won his re-election bid in Virginia.

7:05pm – Senator Bernie Sanders has won his race in Vermont. Sanders is an independent but he caucuses with the Democratic Party.

6:17pm – The first votes are coming in for Indiana’s Senate race, but right now there aren’t enough votes to make a call. Stay tuned.

Race for Governor’s mansions

There are 36 gubernatorial races on Tuesday, with polls showing Democratic flipping several governor’s mansions blue. Although governor’s races are mostly local affairs, a few races have caught national attention. One of those races is the Florida race between Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum and former Representative Ron DeSantis. This race isn’t just attracting attention, but also money – billionaires like Tom Steyer and Isaac Perlmutter have poured millions into this race.

Georgia gubernatorial candidates (L-R) Clash in First Debate

Georgia gubernatorial candidates (L-R) Clash in First DebateGetty Images

Another gubernatorial race attracting a lot of attention is in Georgia. What was thought earlier this year to be a safe bet for GOP candidate Secretary of State Brian Kemp has turned into a tight race between him and Stacey Abrams, who had formerly been minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives. There’s a good chance that this race will go into overtime – thanks to the presence of Libertarian Ted Metz on the ballot, there’s a chance nobody will cross the 50% mark, forcing the race into a runoff election in December.

Live Results

10:03pm – Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has been elected the governor of Michigan.

10:02pm – Republican Kevin Stitt has been re-elected of governor of Oklahoma.

9:45pm – Republican Kay Ivey has been re-elected in Alabama. Republican Henry McMaster has been re-elected in South Carolina.

9:26pm – Democrat J.B. Pritzker has won the race for governor after spending $171.5 million of his own money. Once he assumes office, he will be the richest person holding office in the United States.

9:16pm – Republican Larry Hogan has been re-elected in Maryland. Democrat Tom Wolf has been re-elected in Pennsylvania. Republican Mark Gordon has been re-elected in Wyoming. Republican Greg Abbott has been re-elected in Texas. Democrat Andrew Cuomo has been re-elected in New York.

8:40pm – Republican Bill Lee has been elected governor of Tennessee.

8:38pm – Democrat Gina Raimondo has been re-elected as governor of Rhode Island.

8:34pm – Republican Asa Hutchinson has been re-elected as governor of Arkansas.

8:08pm – Republican Charlie Baker has been re-elected as governor of Massachusetts.

6:19pm – The first election victory of tonight? The territory of Guam has elected its first female governor, Democrat Lou Leon Guerrero.

Voters Across The Country Head To The Polls For The Midterm Elections

Voters Across The Country Head To The Polls For The Midterm ElectionsGetty Images

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